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May 11, 2018

Recorded at Build, Microsoft’s ultimate annual developer event, Colleen and Sonia debrief after Satya Nadella’s vision keynote on the Expo floor at the Washington State Convention Center. Then, Sonia heads to The Lounge onsite to speak with a few Cloud Developer Advocates—a community-based team at Microsoft with a goal to empower developers to do more with the cloud. Colleen connects with Nina Baliga, the founder and CEO of <div>ersity, a website that showcases insiders’ perspectives on company diversity and inclusion initiatives. Finally, Colleen is joined by Charlotte Yarkoni, the Corporate Vice President of Growth and Ecosystems in the Cloud + AI group, to talk about her team’s involvement with the conference and her support of organizations encouraging girls and young women to pursue their interests in STEM. Please subscribe, rate, and share the episode. Find us online at Send any and all feedback to or tweet @MicrosoftWomen.